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Set Your Site Free.

Hero imagery speaks to freedom.

Rooted in the American heartland, our team of craftsmen answers the call for a better web. Driven by deep conviction in a web liberated from device constraints, Sparkbox leads the way toward a greater standard as we write, educate, and build.

For the fluidity of your content, for the integrity of your vision, for the cause of a more durable web, we invite you to join us.

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Once A Month Meals Responsive Web Design and Application

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Not actual copy. Working with OAMM on a ..... All the details of the project, including a quote from the client. "Fake quote about how much they loved working with us on the project" - Contact Name, Contact Title. The site was a lot of fun to make, and we saw great results.

Working With Us

We offer our brains, sweat, and honesty.

Possible imagery... George Washington's 'I can not tell a lie' scene with him and the cherry tree.

What We Do

Our projects take one of three forms:
  • Consultation: providing direction to your team as you execute projects
  • Education: teaching teams big and small about our areas of expertise
  • Implementation: building beautiful, powerful websites and web applications

How We Do It

Principled Work: It's more than just work. It's who we are.

Our convictions drive our work, and they affect how we accept projects and build client relationships.

Build Right:
well-crafted work is valuable work. It embraces details, intentionality, and standards.
Solve Problems:
asking right questions of real problems drives work that produces true results.
Honor Content:
the web exists to communicate message and provide function—these are our primary interests.
Design for Clarity:
design should complement message and never obstruct users from it.
Embrace All Devices:
the measure of a site should be its quality of build, not its dimensions.

What You'll Receive

Honesty and Experience
Our goal is to make your project successful. We've been doing this for a long time, and we’ll say what needs to be said to guide you down a fruitful path. We expect the same honesty from you when solving problems together.
New, Iterative Processes /dt>
Tackling smaller chunks of a larger solution leads to better projects. Working effectively and efficiently can also lead to unique processes. We'll help you understand why we do what we do, and we think you'll enjoy the fresh outlook.
Optional Initial Engagements
Small starter projects let us produce powerful planning, scope, and resource estimates to solve problems. Our clients are free to implement that knowledge elsewhere. If they continue working with us, we're able to hit the ground coding.
Collaborative Hourly Work
Working hourly (with a cap on the maximum number of hours) allows us to be flexible to changing needs and creates more collaborative projects. Our clients are happier with the results, and we're glad to be paid only for the work we've done.