Once A Month Meals Responsive Web Design and Application

Once A Month Meals (clickable to show other projects for this client. similar to how we handle author on blog posts.)


xx% increase in retention

Fields for each work entry:


Discipline Categories

Potential Attributes

Projects could have multiples of each/any of the below:

Main Image(s)
Most commonly a screenshot of the project... that screenshot is placed on an image of the originating device (so we will have PSD's of devices to put our screenshots on). However, the main image could also be a sketch, wireframe, plan, brand piece, etc.
Project Statistic(s)
HTML text field allowing us to call out statistics or project successes in text form. (Example: Increased Enrollment 25%)
Client Quote(s)
HTML text field
Additional Image(s) w/ Supporting Long Caption
An image that wouldn't be in the carousel of main images, but instead would be used to illustrate a textual point (caption) further down the page. (Example: picture of the university we worked for with a blurb about them).